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Eric Rodes

Hello Friends,

My name is Eric Rodes, and I’m the rector here at Christ the Redeemer. My family and I are happy to have been called here to minister in 2018 after being in pastoral ministry here in western Pennsylvania since 2004. Originally from West Virginia, I’ve lived all over the country and my wife Beth, our children, and I are glad to call the Pittsburgh region home.

I was raised in the non-denominational/Baptist tradition and have not known a time when the Church was not a central part of my life. I received my seminary training at Dallas Theological Seminary and in 2004 my young family and I moved to Harmony, PA to serve as the assistant pastor in a fantastic church. Over a more than 10-year process of searching and discovering, we felt called to walk the trail to Canterbury, and I was ordained both deacon and priest in 2014. Before coming to Redeemer, I served as Assistant Rector at Grace Anglican Church (Grove City, PA) where we were blessed with a dynamic ministry in a small town and college community.

My wife and I with our three daughters enjoy spending time camping together as well as kayaking and target archery. We enjoy the exploring the outdoors together.

My hope for Christ the redeemer is that we will be a place where Jesus can be found by those who long for grace, peace, hope, and redemption. I want us to be known as the church where the gospel of God’s grace (God’s undeserved favor poured out on all those who come to him with a repentant heart) is preached unceasingly and without apology. All are welcome. We’d love to have you.

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