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Jason Goble

Hi! My name is Jason Goble and I am proud to serve as Redeemer’s resident seminarian. I am relatively new to the Pittsburgh area having moved up here from sunny Florida in August of 2013 in order to attend seminary in Ambridge, PA. After having looked around for months at local churches, I happened upon Redeemer and fell in love with its community and leaders. I have since committed to working in and through this community until God calls us elsewhere.

My story begins with a calling to ordained ministry which I received when I was about 14 years old. My former bishop (when he was my rector) had once called me a “church mouse.” And it was easy to see why. If I wasn’t at school or at home, I was at church. Participating in the EYC (youth group), leading or helping with Vacation Bible School and Sunday School, and generally pestering my pastors with all sorts of theological questions. When I received my call, it simply all just made sense. At 18 years old, I attempted to enter the discernment process at my church, but was told that I needed some more life experience (which I am so glad they did!).

I spent the next 10 years or so in the proverbial wilderness working as a Systems Analyst, Database Administrator, and Software Developer and travelling all over the United States for my work. It was exhilarating, but lonely work, and I just knew that I was meant for something more – something that God was calling me to pursue. Finally, the opportunity arose to complete my Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Florida and to restart my discernment process to continue pursuing ordained ministry. Seven years later, I finished my degree, packed up my house, and moved to Ambridge, PA to begin my post-graduate studies.

As a seminarian, I am currently studying at Trinity School for Ministry in Ambridge, PA and should complete my Masters in Divinity degree around December of 2016. God willing, I will then be ordained into the sacred order of priests in the Anglican Church in North America around 2017.

Upon moving up to the area I also met my wife, Sue. We started dating the first week I arrived in PA and recently got married in this very church on June 27, 2015. Marriage is both a blessing and an exciting journey that we are both thrilled to be undertaking. We also look forward to seeing how God will use us together to proclaim the gospel to the Church and through the Church into the world.


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