Bible Studies


  • 10:00 AM At the Parish


  • 8:15 AM Adult Education

Children’s Ministries

  • Christ-centered
  • Biblical
  • Age-appropriate
  • Creative
  • Interactive
  • Safe physically and emotionally

Children are a valued part of the Redeemer Parish family, and we treasure their presence as Christ did. Scripture teaches that children are a gift from God, wonderful and precious, and are to be guarded and guided with care. We welcome the children and …

Diaper Pantry

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The Diaper Pantry at Christ the Redeemer is a place for families currently receiving assistance from either WIC or SNAP to pick up needed baby supplies like …


Our Music Ministry Team (MMT) is a spirit-filled group of people. We are a diversified ministry that is made up of various talents, ages, and cultural backgrounds. We provide different styles of music for our worship services and encourage participation from our three congregations. Instrumentalists, in addition to vocalists are welcomed to join our team! …

Youth Ministries

Teenage years have always been a difficult time for young people, and the modern age presents new dilemmas and challenges for Christians. The youth group of Christ the Redeemer is a place of safety and fun where our kids can explore their identity as Christ followers and discover deeper meanings to the Gospel message.